What's your favourite song? Terrible question, right? Where do you even begin with that one? Well, we're going further with this and asking musicians about the one song they love so much that they wish they'd written it themselves.

With his debut album, Night Swim, finally hitting virtual and irl shops this month, we got singer-songwriter Josef Salvat to think about what song by another act he would love to have come up with in the studio and recorded as a Josef Salvat original.

If you've never heard the track he's selected, then you are in for a real treat.

What is the one song by another artist you really wish you had written yourself?

I've had so many of these in my life but let's say right now it's 'Give Me All Your Love' by Alabama Shakes.

What is it about 'Give Me All Your Love' that you, erm... give all your love to?

To my ears it conjured a place I have been many times but I've never heard it accurately expressed in song. It starts with a seduction, super cool. But she can't hold it because she needs it too much. She's so lonely. And so then she just loses all her cool and there's a type of desperation in her voice, the first time you hear the line 'Give me all you love', that is exactly how it feels for me, every time.

Do you remember hearing the song for the very first time?

Yeah, I was on tour last year and had stolen my drummer's iPad. He was listening to Sound and Color and I took up where he'd got up to before I stole it. This song came on and I was completely knocked out by it. There was a big resounding 'yes' in my head.

Do you tend to like most of Alabama Shakes' music?

Yep, I loved their first album and Sound and Color doesn't have a single bad moment on it, for me. I think, for me, it's Brittany Howard's voice most of all.

Have you ever covered 'Give Me All Your Love': (i) on your own in the shower; (ii) live before an audience; (iii) on record; or (iv) all of the above?

Only ever in the shower. I have way too much reverence for this song to ever cover it in public.

What is your favourite lyric in the song?

'Give me all your love. Give me all you got, babe.' Simple but everything.

Is there a bit of arrangement or instrumentation which you're especially fond of?

So, obviously, I'm crazy about the voice. But also there is long instrumental outro starting at about 2.25, which goes double time and is very satisfying.

Would you say that any of your own music has in any way ever been influenced by 'Give Me All Your Love' or Alabama Shakes in general?

The stuff I'm writing now, yes, definitely.

Night Swim by Josef Salvat is out on 19 February on Sony.