Hey, do you have favourite song? Awful question. Like, where do you even begin with that one? Well, we're going further with this and asking musicians about the one song they love so much that they wish they'd written it themselves.

Our latest victim is Andrew Wyatt, whose new Miike Snow album, iii, with Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg is one of spring 2016's hottest pop properties, FYI.

Here's his choice.

Hello Andrew. Can you please name one song by another artist which fits our restrictive remit of Absolute Favourite Song?

'Looking Glass' by the La's. It's the greatest rock song of all time.

That is quite an accolade. What makes you say that?

It's a beautiful swan song to the world. It acknowledges the pain of someone true and the difficulties of being mystical in this shit world. And then you can actually use the song to escape to somewhere else for a while.

Do you remember when you first heard 'Looking Glass' and what your first impressions of it were

My good friend Damon McMahon from Amen Dunes hipped me to The La's about 9 years ago and I heard the album in sequence, so I was ready for it. It didn't register at its real magnitude, though, until I took it and also Hounds of Love with me on a tour of South America, which, for various reasons, was one of the sweetest, most sexual, darkest, and most painful episodes of my life. I simply couldn't believe that I had made it some thirty odd years without having heard this song, which was on a par with Electric Ladyland and 'All You Need is Love'.

Do you tend to like most of their music or is it pretty much 'Looking Glass' which draws you to The La's?

I really, really love Lee Mavers [the band's songwriter, singer and rhythm guitarist].

Have you ever covered 'Looking Glass': (i) on your own in the shower; (ii) live; (iii) on record; or (iv) all of the above?

I have sung the song to myself many times. But as I become better adjusted to life and death, the more I keep that song on the shelf. Some items of magic are too powerful to be whipped out without special occasion.

What is your favourite lyric in the song?

  • "I'm in everybody
  • Everybody's in me
  • & the stone is cast --
  • The glass is smashed."

And a favourite bit of instrumentation or arrangement?

It inexorably speeds up to oblivion, in the most ancient of traditions. Like any song which deals with the nature of life and death.

Would you say that any of your own music has in any way ever been influenced by 'Looking Glass' or Lee Mavers's writing?

One tries.

Might there be a song on iii that you would like to hear Lee cover, in turn?

I think he could do a great version of 'My Trigger' but my instinct is that you'd have to leave some space between the verse and the chorus, somehow. He takes his time with things.

Miike Snow's iii is out on 4 March on Atlantic Records.