More than 20 years after the group's founding and The Orange Peels are still going as strong as ever. As the band preps its seventh LP, Trespassing, for release on April 27 through Minty Fresh, they dropping a phenomenal, vibrant, new wave-tinged single 'Stealing Days.'

A thick bassline, contributed by Jill Pries, brings the heart-achy mood of 'Stealing Days' into view as drummer Gabriel Coan rumbles away on his kit and guitarist John Moreman toys with some dissonant sounds. But it is ultimately the passion of vocalist Allen Clapp and the array of intoxicating synths that put 'Stealing Days' over the top. Turn the song on for someone who lived through the 80s and they will probably think they are listening to a new wave deep cut, it is that good.

"You can tear me down if it builds you up," sings Clapp during the track's staggeringly catchy chorus as the synths bubble and swirl around him. "You can wear me down if it makes you feel better." This sort of world weary proclamation lends 'Stealing Days' even more resonance. Clapp describes the track as "a huge departure for the band that’s as surprising as it is melodic."

"The band throws shards of guitars, wheezing vintage synths, and enormous programmed drums over an undulating bassline," he explains. "The message here is a recurring theme on the album: Are we tearing down everything that makes us human? Are we able to evolve into a species that can treat each other with love and respect? How do we deal with those destructive people in our existence? Are we just Trespassing here? It’s no 'What the World Needs Now.' It’s a dystopian pop song where people tear each other down to build themselves up. It’s a lot like life."

Stream The Orange Peels' 'Stealing Days' below, and be sure to relish in the synthesizer joys it brings. In the meantime, you can pre-order Trespassing before it drops on April 27.