Being a pragmatic and evidence-based so and so, a band name including the word 'theory' is always going to draw me in. So it was that back in 2007 I played their first EP (aptly entitled EP1) extensively, loving its tight instrumental grooves and subtle post-rock workings. Since then, Carl Schilde, Lukas Creswell-Rost and James Yates have moved from Leeds to Berlin and have just released their self-titled instrumental debut album. The album strives to make complication sound effortless and is enriched with vibraphones, xylophones and various synthesizers - try repeating that sentence after a few beers.

It's always a brave step to exclude vocals but when you get it right, as we've seen Brontide achieve in recent weeks, you have to question the need for them in the first place. Eloquence and detail are the key ingredients to their music, intertwining threads of guitar, bass and drums to bring out the best of post-rock. Have a listen to 'Ideas of Fun' - restrained in approach, laden with soft guitars and with a beautiful breakdown a few minutes in.

Their new album is out now.