I can only describe listening to English folk bands to be a little bit like going fishing. Firstly it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, there’s a lot of patience required to enjoy just a few decent bites and only very occasionally something extraordinary appears from the depths. That’s not to say that our green and pleasant land hasn’t got quite a history of producing some folk gems, however we also have cultivated our fair share of mediocrity along the way. Unfortunately with folk it feels like its almost exclusively one or the other.

The Peryls are an English folk band formed in 2007 and are now releasing their debut album. They’re obviously quite a capable band; the record is full of well-played instruments, well-constructed songs and some interestingly crafted lyrics. By all accounts I should be pretty satisfied.

If it was winter and I was in a pub somewhere with an open fire and The Peryls were playing in the corner I think I would be satisfied. Unfortunately though, that just about sums up how the record comes across. It’s generally well played folk music that is neither offensively bad nor heartbreakingly good. My personal highlights are when there is a dual female vocal, like at the end of the song lonely eyes.

As a debut album it’s not bad however I imagine it’ll only really be of interest to the folk lovers out there rather than the general populous.