Being perfectly honest, I love Christmas; I love Home Alone, I love The Pogues, and I love my classy Toy Story advent calendar. I will even tolerate The Darkness to allow for the guitar solo in 'Don't Let The Bells End'. For any reader with similarly childish tastes therefore, it will be with trepidation that The Pipettes first attempt at a Christmas hit will be approached. Up against a canon of cheesy, festive glory the Brighton three-piece have released 'Santa's On His Way' as a free download, replete with innuendo and cheer, to celebrate a year free of turbulence following the release of their second album Earth vs. The Pipettes. And it is a cracker.

There are certain criteria for a successful Christmas single; it must be corny, it must be easy to sing along to, and it must mention either Santa, reindeer or mince pies, the more the merrier (I'm not even sorry for the puns). 'Santa's On His Way' has all this, with a gorgeous English accent to thaw the heart of the Scrooges amongst you, and an achingly loveable sweetness to the vocals. The lyrics are predictable and cheeky- "Instead of the mince pies we'll roll in the snow"- and whilst it doesn't compare to The Futureheads', or Best Coast and Wavves' Christmas singles as a stand alone track, it surpasses them as a festive hit by its sheer exuberance and self awareness. It is an immediately catchy song, with further listens revealing the sassy edge missing since the We Are The Pipettes days.

It is perfect for playing over a toy store tannoy, and captures enough of the 80s to be corny, yet undeniably catchy, which is the perfect amount. And yes there are sleigh bells on the song, if you need further convincing.