There are a lot of reasons to complain about the upcoming Indie Cindy, Pixies' first studio album in 23 years, but that garish, Kel Kimble-approved cover art sits pretty highly on that list. Well, it looks like word got back to band, and they're fixing it. Sort of.

They're looking to make it up to anyone willing to shell out extra for the LPs bonus edition by paying one lucky fan far too little to design it a new sleeve. It's being called a competition, and anyone can enter it. Just make sure you follow the guidelines below.

  • - Use 11" X 17" (279mm x 432mm) measurements.
  • - Include the Pixies logo.
  • - State the 'Indie Cindy' album title.

Entries will be accepted up to April 10th, ahead of the album's April 28th release date. The winning artwork will feature on Indie Cindy's bonus edition, which will be available exclusively in independent music stores.

Check out our entry below. Tell Black Francis we'll take the prize money in cash.


Correction. This is actually a competition to design a poster, not an album cover. The winning artwork won't actually replace the Indie Cindy's shitty cover art for it's limited bonus edition, it'll just be included with it in commemorative lithograph print form. So square entries aren't going to cut it anymore. See our new entry below.