As consumers of music, we all lead busy lives: we're writing about it, and you're reading it. Of course, we're aware that sometimes our readers won't have time to chase down everything that we're digging on a certain day, and this is why The Playbook exists.

It's a (sort of) daily roundup of the 5 songs we're enjoying the most on a certain day. It runs from Monday to Thursday every week (since it's essentially New Music Friday cut into chunks), and it's your regular fix of new music.

Header image courtesy of Sofia Okkonen.

  • Artist: Sealings
  • Track Name: 'My Boyfriend's Dead'
  • Location: UK
  • Website: Facebook
  • A Few Words: "The Brighton band have created two songs that both connect through the deep droning vocals and the enormous energy scarily rife, especially in the haunting 'My Boyfriend's Dead', complete with grating electronics and a forceful riff." [Full Review Here by Hayley Fox]

  • Artist: Madeline Mondrala
  • Track Name: 'Bad Kid'
  • Location: New York
  • Website: Facebook
  • A Few Words: "Think St. Vincent, but with less guitar and more orchestration (an additional ten musicians appear on the EP for example) mixed with a touch of Jaymay." [Full Review Here]

  • Artist: Tei Shi
  • Track Name: 'M&Ms'
  • Location: Brooklyn
  • Website: Facebook
  • A Few Words: "Messing with raw soulful a cappellas over the lone beat of a dusty drum machine, Tei Shi adds sunkissed guitar, fuzzed out organ and echoed percussion to thread together a magical journey of stories through sighing branches of "hmmm"s and "aaahhh"s." [Full Review Here by Katie Taylor]

  • Artist: Kučka
  • Track Name: 'Phantasy'
  • Location: Australia
  • Website: Facebook
  • A Few Words: "A glorious fantastical creation of sound and texture, Kučka's 'Phantasy' isn't for the faint of heart. So bright with colourful sounds and cutting sweetheart falsetto vocals it's got a lot going on." [Full Review Here by Katie Taylor]

  • Artist: Alma Elste
  • Track Name: 'Virtualism'
  • Location: Paris
  • Website: Facebook
  • A Few Words: "The calibre of Elste's first proper offering is astounding; there's no doubt that we'll get to delve into many more of her sounds in the coming months." [Full Review Here by Larry Day]