As consumers of music, we all lead busy lives: we're writing about it, and you're reading it. Of course, we're aware that sometimes our readers won't have time to chase down everything that we're digging on a certain day, and this is why The Playbook exists.

It's a (sort of) daily roundup of the 5 songs we're enjoying the most on a certain day. It runs from Monday to Thursday every week (since it's essentially New Music Friday cut into chunks), and it's your regular fix of new music.

Header image courtesy of A.Moltini.

  • Artist: Kavinsky feat. The Weeknd
  • Track Name: 'Odd Look'
  • Location: France
  • Website: Facebook
  • A Few Words: "Abel Tesfaye's vocals are immaculate, streaming his dynamic range, they are a perfect partner for Kavinsky's thumping beats and twisting electro outbursts. Sounding like a very contemporary Michael Jackson track, 'Odd Look' is a spectacular listen." [Full Review Here]

  • Artist: Sam Smith
  • Track Name: 'Safe With Me'
  • Location: Cambridge/London
  • Website: Facebook
  • A Few Words: "'Safe With Me' is the new electro-soul single from UK singer Sam Smith, featuring production from Two Inch Punch." [Full Review Here]

  • Artist: Tirzah
  • Track Name: 'I'm Not Dancing'
  • Location: UK
  • Website: Greco Roman's Website
  • A Few Words: "Quickly rising Berlin imprint Greco-Roman, which recently produced works from the likes of Disclosure and Baio, will be debuting the new I'm Not Dancing EP from Tirzah August 5th." [Full Review Here]

  • Artist: Willis Earl Beal
  • Track Name: 'Too Dry To Cry'
  • Location: Chicago
  • Website: Official Site
  • A Few Words: "Off his forthcoming LP, Nobody knows., Beal has crafted a shuffling ramshackle of a track, blending gospel, soul, and blues, all with his experimental touches. An off-kilter guitar line is joined by a stomp-n-clap beat that drives this vehicle for a tale of heartbreak." [Full Review Here]

  • Artist: MMOSS
  • Track Name: 'Another Dream'
  • Location: New England
  • Website: Facebook
  • A Few Words: "Featuring some powering psychedelic pop sounds in the shifting array of sounds that give the track a sense of momentum. "And I have lost another dream," the repetitive hook lingers throughout, lending to its fantasy-like tone. Dreamy." [Full Review Here]