Hey champs! It's your friend, the Positive Troll. I try and spread positivity from my little cave through the means of HYPERSPACE.

When I've been having a rough day, which isn't often as every day is pretty much AWESOME, I like to bung on some super positive beats to wipe away the negative cobwebs.

Here are some jams that make me feel like I'm on top of a mountain drinking some soup from the Holy Grail whilst listening to a motivational audio-book narrated by Richard P Bacon (the anti-troll messiah). Enjoy you gorgeous people!

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Eels - 'Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)'

Wow! Now I am really living. Thanks Eels! This song is great as it talks about all the super great things in the world. Rather than being a negative Nigel about everything. Eels write super-sad songs, but they also have some great positive vibes going on. I like shouting the bit in the song that goes 'HEY!' Try it.

Karen O & The Kids - 'All Is Love'

Karen O?! More like Karen Oh This Is Wonderful! All is love. How happy do all the wee kids sound in this song too? They sound extremely happy, that's how much. Where The Wild Things Are is also a super-good book to teach you about being positive to people.

Katrina & The Waves - 'Walking on Sunshine'

HOLY POSITIVE POTATOES! Literally walking on sunshine would probably be pretty sore, but as one of those metaphors, I love it! This song makes me dance in my wee troll cave and make me want to tell everyone how great they are. HEY KATRINA, YOU'RE GREAT. Although, those brooding lads in the trench coats at the start of the video look a bit negative. Get some sunshine in ye, lads. Jeez.

Belle & Sebastian - 'I'm a Cuckoo'

Imagine being an actual cuckoo! IMAGINE. Oh man. Oh maaaan. Getting to fly about and that, being all loud and happy. Oh man.

Yeasayer - 'Ambling Alp'

SYNTHPOPTASTIC! What on earth is an Ambling Alp? Who even knows. I love the positive feel of this little ditty. Naesayers are poop, Yeasayers are great! We should all yea-say. The world would be a better place. Eh no?

KC and The Sunshine Band - 'Give It Up'

I'm not one hundred percent what the proverbial 'it' is that KC and his band of sunshine merchants want me so dearly to give up help ma boab! As long as it's not 'positivity' then I'd wrap it up with a bow and hand deliver it to the big man. Listen. Smile. Repeat.

Kanye West - 'Touch The Sky'

Holy Gospel Goosebumps! This song makes The Positive Troll dance like a 1960's New York barbershop owner. The Positive Troll has only met one person who is even close to being as positive as us and that was Kanye. To be fair, he has every reason to as he is courting that pretty lass from America. She looks like a straight-up simple babe to us, smile on Mr West.

J Geils Band - 'Center Fold'

"Hey Positive Troll we were thinking about creating the greatest pop song of all time, any advice?" "Yeah, I'm glad you asked J, what you have to do is stick in a sing-a-long chorus, a dose of na-na-na-na's, some hand claps, a bit of whistling oh and don't forget a false ending, do that and you've pretty much nailed music!"

So good that PT will even forgive their misspelling of 'centre'.

Paul Simon - 'You Can Call Me Al'

ZAPOWIE! AL? You can call me anything you like as long as I get to listen to this. If Paul Simon asked The Positive Troll to drive uninterrupted from Forfar to Graceland to pick up his memory stick we'd do it with only one stipulation. We were allowed to listen to this song on repeat the whole way. What a drive that would be.

LCD Soundsystem - 'All My Friends'

I love this song for five reasons.

  • It has that piano bit. Which I LOVE!
  • It has that bit about 'the charts' which makes me think of DR Fox! I LOVE Dr Fox!
  • It's about friends, which I LOVE!
  • It's really long. Which means it's ages till I'm sad when it finishes.
  • It makes me want to jump on the spot the whole time I'm listening to it. I LOVE jumping so that works out really well.