With the amount of competition in the marketplace nowadays, brands are having to work harder than ever to get their products noticed. Merely bombarding people with adverts isn’t doing it any more – today’s public want more. Guinness and Audi have long since gone down the ‘creative and slightly off the wall’ route with their advertising, and a large number of drinks manufacturers (I won’t list them all, I’m sure you know who I mean) are sponsoring music and sporting events across the country. The latest entry into this arena of a different style of consumer engagement is Honda, with their Dream Factory – which they have launched to raise awareness of the CR-Z, a hybrid sports coupe. Having long-since cemented their position near the top of the ‘green-car’ spectrum, they’re now turning their innovation towards promotion. Using their slogan, ‘The Power Of Dreams’, Honda have brought together a collective of ‘Creatives’ (oh dear how I hate that word, but it does encapsulate what I’m trying to express rather succinctly) who over the next few months will run workshops, exhibitions and produce a book (limited to 1000 copies) – all geared towards inspiring other people to realise their dreams. Why are we – an arts, music and film site - running a feature on a large car manufacturer, you may ask. Well, for starters, this team has a rather impressive line-up, including Danny Miller, King Adz, Shane Walters, Bridget Nicholls and Fabien Riggall, alongside a whole host of other Names in the innovation business. Secondly the exhibition and workshops are right up the street of The 405. Thirdly, it is an interesting direction for Honda to take, and we’re all about interesting. This campaign is far more to do with giving back to their consumers than promoting their brand, and while alcohol and energy drinks are now intrinsically linked with music and festivals, I can’t think of any previous campaigns by car manufacturers; and certainly nothing along these lines. But as we’ve seen in the environment stakes, Honda are known for being at the forefront of innovation. And fourthly, we thought we’d give you the chance to get involved! We are offering you lucky, lucky people the chance to win a copy of the super-special limited edition book. (I have one and can confirm that it is awesome) To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is simply comment on this article - I will pull names out of a (distinctly diplomatic) hat and contact the winners. It couldn't be easier! Web: www.dreamfactoryuk.com Twitter: @ourdreamfactory Dates Exhibition private view: 20 May from 6pm Exhibition: 21 – 30 May (Free to the public) Venue: Dray Walk Gallery, Brick Lane, E1 Workshops London, 24 May 2010 @ Platform London - Agents of Change’ Timid London, 26 May 2010 @ Platform London - Paulina Bozek, games developer and creator of Sony PlayStation Singstar London, 26 May 2010 @ Dray Walk Gallery - John Grant, social and environmental consultant Brighton, 3rd June 2010 @ Jam Brighton - Chris Wheeler, co-founder, Heritage Orchestra Bristol, 10 June 2010 @ Friends & Co Gallery - Tom Podolinski, Finisterre Glasgow, 17 June 2010 @ The Dressing Room - Kevin Harman, Artist