One story we’ll never tire of is that of an underdog. In the case of the new video from Nashville five-piece The Pressure Kids, familiar misfits band together to...face themselves. The clip accompanies the band’s recent single ‘Team’, a joyous folk rock tune; it will appear on the band’s planned self-titled record.

"As soon as we started brainstorming video concepts, we kept coming back to an image of the five of us on a soccer field, taking the word 'team' as literally as we could, but in the most lighthearted and humorous way. We knew that we wanted to create a storyline-driven music video, and became excited by the idea of flipping the 'high school nerds get made over' cliche on its head a little bit. We had too much fun deciding each member's high school persona, and drew directly from what we all were like growing up. Zach really did wear eyeliner, Allan loved his Ibanez, Nick ate waffles every day after school, Justin wore out his skater apparel, and Katy truly sported that exact same SNL 'Lazy Sunday' tee shirt nonstop.

We were so lucky to recruit our good friend Austin Thomas, who records and performs under the spookyghostboy moniker, to act as the hero responsible for our athletic transformations, and then cast the sweetest young actors as our opponents, playing younger versions of ourselves. In that way, the game represents internal battles brought to life.”

The clip is a parody of the trope found in films like Rushmore and Kicking and Screaming—both direct inspirations for the concept. The band plays themselves as various degrees of outcasts, eventually going through a transformation to The Pressure Kids soccer squad. We have someone to root for! A real team effort! The twist comes during the big game, when we realize that their opponents are their younger selves. They prove to be fierce adversaries.

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