Researchers from the University of Warwick, who are working with photographer Richard Nicholson, are offering members of the public privileged access to a realm most cinema-goers never venture - the projection box. As part of The Projection Project at the University, (who investigate the evolving art of cinematic projection,) the team has conducted audio interviews with projectionists recounting their working lives. The records reach all the way back to the 1940s and cover the many ongoing changes in the industry since then - from highly flammable nitrate prints and the increased safety of acetate film to the abrupt arrival of digital projectors and the sudden redundancy of many projectionists.

The Projection Project has created a virtual projection box; where visitors can explore an interactive website, listen to interviews with projectionists as they discuss their craft, and learn about the equipment used in projection. "It is an old projectionists’ adage that the audience should not know that they are there," University of Warwick Research Fellow, Dr Richard Wallace. "It is the tragedy of the projectionist that the better they are at the job, the more their labour goes unappreciated. With The Projectionists we hope to make visible some of the magic involved in making a visit to the cinema such a magical experience, before projectionist are gone forever."

More information is available here.