Label: Basemode Records Release date: (15/03/09) Website: Myspace A man named Groove appears at the foot of your bed. You both stare at each other for a minute before he speaks. He tells you something but his mouth remains closed. You hear him. You hear him say "Come with me to the underground." You agree. You're not sure why, but you agree. You take his hand and sink into the ground. Below the floorboards. Below the concrete foundation of your house. Below the dirt. You end up in a city. A city underground. In this city, music is everywhere. It plays as you walk down the streets that have become wet from the rainwater that soaked through from the world above. The Underground isn't all that crowded either. There are people, but not that many. You walk down the damp streets with Groove as you and the selected few listen to the music that seems to surround you.

To me, this is probably the best discovery I've made in the past year or so, music-wise. I read some praise on a blog and followed the download link and spent the next 25 minutes or so looking at my iTunes screen as I watched the time-bar progress. There are certain songs that have the power to paralyze me and make me actually listen to them for their entire duration and this one managed to do it for a near half-hour.

Make a Record of Your Voice and Send it to Him is a fairly dark and very underground hip-hop beat influenced mix with about 11 or 12 sections that convey a similar mood. Starting off with what appears to be a little child of about 8 or so singing about 'feeling lost' and keeping his 'fingers crossed', one can't help but get lost in it. His voice really isn't even that great, but with the bass, drums, and what seems to be a zither as well as an awkward, but interesting, pace, some may find themselves immediately wrapped up in the music as I did. Plus, it helps that nearly all of the tracks are so smoothly blended together that moving on from one section to the next won't prove to be too difficult or distracting.

We're going to skip onto the 15:20 mark of the song. Not because what's between the first section and this isn't good. In fact, far from that. Everything on this mix is wonderful. But we're jumping ahead because I feel as though this is the standout section of the entire piece. With a little buildup, interludes of heavy double-bass introduce a woman who enters the picture suddenly and really really sings with her soul. After the first few lines, you'll be pleasantly surprised to hear some expert-scratching. There have been instances of scratching throughout the piece, but it is this track where it really comes out and plays a major part in terms of empowering the strong atmosphere of relaxation that has already dominated the first 15 and a half minutes. Even now, I went back to take a listen while writing this and I had to just put my hands in my lap and listen. Once again, I've become paralyzed by this music.

I've mostly stuck with film reviews on this site, and even that category hasn't seen too much of me lately. But every so often, there's just something that comes along that is far too good to keep to yourself. This mix needs to be known. If I could think of just one word to describe it, I'd have to go with groovy. If you feel like driving around late at night, give it a listen. If you feel like having some mates over and lighting up (with what is up to you), sit back and play this as well. There's just some music that works well in certain moods and I suppose the proper ones for this is when you just want to relax. And who doesn't need a little relaxation? DOWNLOAD FOR FREE HERE: zshare (Artist supported seeing as he's the one who put the link up.) Rating: 10/10