My first encounter with the frankly perplexing Minny Pops was stumbling upon a live EP of theirs on Wally's own Plurex records during a somewhat inebriated late night Discogs trawl. I can't recall what I spent on it (we're talking a few years back) but I'm sure it was overpriced and I seem to remember buying it because I'd get 5% off my order if I bought it, which is a significant saving for a man that struggles with simple maths in a sober state.

I'm sincerely glad that night happened however because since then, despite it's worn out grooves and the skipping halfway through side B, it's been one of my most treasured 7"'s to bring out and play at anyone that'll listen (whether some of my friends agree with my fortune is to be debated). They've got the sort of infectious peculiarity that demands attention from anyone that'll listen.

'Dolphin's Spurt', the sort-of-Martin-Hannett-produced debut release for Factory (also the track that skips on the 7")

They possess that infectious nature live as well; it was, after all, their live performance in Eindhoven supporting Joy Division that got them signed to Factory. Since their reunion earlier this year they've played a handfull of shows, with their inaugural return in March which had, I've been told, frontman Wally ending the gig covered in honey.

Supporting them here on what could possibly be their last gig are O Genesis' latest electronics abusing darlings Pavlov's Children whose forthcoming single 'Repeat Prescription' sounds like the soundtrack to a Philip K. Dick induced fever dream. O Genesis records will be DJing as well, represented by Tim Burgess and Nik Void (of Factory Floor fame).

The gig itself takes place on the 26th November at The Lexington. Tickets are £9 in advance and full information is here. It is a presentation by The Quietus & O Genesis Records.