Blissfully warm textured synths swathe above a popping four-to-the-floor beat in Swedish band The Radio Dept.'s new one, 'Occupied', taken as the first single from their long-awaited fourth album, due out on Labrador.

Add in to the mix some chords echoing in trance-flavoured flashes, sparkly sweeps of guitar, low-key, emotive vocals, bubbling bass, walls of white noise and you have a yourself a very tasty, very dreamy, and very meticulously ornamented track indeed.

The single (with two other tracks; tracklist below) is out on limited edition 12" vinyl and digital, available through Labrador.

  • Occupied single tracklist:
  • 1. Occupied
  • 2. It Looked Like Heaven (But Feels Like Hell)
  • 3. Down Down Down - Liminals Remix