Five years after their last LP, The Rapture are back with In The Grace of Your Love bringing their disco post punk sounds back to the dance floor. The first single ‘How Deep is Your Love’ is a definite dance floor filler, with hand claps and piano hook giving off old school rave vibes and has an unexpected saxophone wig out.

Since the epic ‘House of Jealous Lovers’ there has been a whole host of indie bands flying the disco flag for modern day pop music. So having wrote the book on combining disco with post punk, how do The Rapture compare thirteen years on from their fist release?. Well ‘In The Grace of Your Love’ is full of groovy bass lines, electro keyboards and crashing disco style beats flying in and out everywhere with unexpected breakdowns and instrumental  freak outs. 

Its peculiar sounds make it an interesting listen. ‘Come Back To Me’ has a big club style feel with accordion providing the under lying melody, a sign that The Rapture are finding new and innovative ways to make music however unlikely the source. 

The title track has a great hook with retro computer sounds throughout the intro paving the way for Jenner’s amazing vocals carrying a euphoric melody, fusing house and jazz with infectious results. Unpredictable, wildly entertaining and bordering on ridiculously brilliant In The Grace of Your Love will have you dancing, proper dancing.