Artist: The Raveonettes Release: Last Dance Out: 12th October Label: Fierce Panda Website: Myspace Buy: Amazon The Raveonettes have gone pop and with this we may just be seeing them get the recognition they deserve. 'Last Dance', the lead single from their fourth studio album, clocks in at just under 4 minutes and is a really happy/summery sounding record that fizzes away with sugary goodness. It sounds, on first listen, like a real change in direction for the, usually quite dark, Raveonettes. However fear not, they've not gone too far down the sugar-pop line. It's unlikely that there will be too many out and out pop records with lyrics including 'Everytime you Overdose' and 'I rush to intensive care' in the opening verse! The battle betweem the sound vs sentiment of the record that really makes it work so well for me. Check it out here: In addition to that the single is backed with another track that features on the new album 'In And Out Of Control' called 'Bang' which is an equally brilliant track with a stomp along chorus. On this showing the album is set to be a sure-fire winner. Look out for 'Last Dance' in the upcoming single of the week - it'll be getting at least one vote that's for sure! 9/10