All year long, The Raveonettes have delivered a Rave-Sound-Of-The-Month. Come December, their collection of non-singles will be compiled into a non-album and delivered to fans. This month marks the delivery of surging new song 'Won't You Leave Me Alone,' a fuzzy and dismissive anthem for those who've had enough of somebody's shit. Anyone's shit, really. "This song is a get outta my way kinda tune, I don't need this crap from you. Lots of vocal harmonies and pounding drums, fiery guitars, just enjoy really," Sun Rose Wagner said.

Find more about the process behind the new song and the anti-album below and sign up for the The Raveonettes' Pledge Music Campaign here to support physical copies of their forthcoming music.

Every month throughout 2016, you're releasing a new Rave Sound of the Month. Where did that idea come from?

I just thought it would be fun and inspiring to work on one song at a time and not having to worry about getting 10-12 songs to fit together.

What does this month's Rave Sound represent?

It's a rocker I guess, attitude and swagger.

What is an anti-album and why is that so important for where the Raveonettes are at the moment?

I guess it's just not having to worry about fitting the songs together, just write singles and then release them as a compilation of sorts. I still love albums though.

How would you describe the creative place the duo is in at the moment and what does that mean for the future of the Raveonettes?

We're very happy and the future holds big things for us, lot of new music.

What has the process been like of putting the monthly tracks together?

Easy really, I usually come up with 3-4 news songs every day so when I have an entire month to write just one single song, it feels like paradise, if that makes sense.

What are you most excited for moving forward?

Other projects we're secretly plotting, very cool projects!