A visit to the casino is always such an exhilarating experience. The possibilities, dreams, and fun this type if night out brings are unparalleled. In recent years and thanks to the mobile revolution, we’ve learned to enjoy pretty much any experience out there without actually having to go, well, out there. To make sure we don’t miss out on any of the real-life fun, here are a few ways in which social gaming apps offer the real slot machine experience in its mobile form.

You’ve got the look

Designing a mobile casino game is an art in its own right, and there are some social gaming apps out there that take this art form to the next level. When playing the mega hit 88 Fortunes, for instance, one quickly learns to appreciate the detailed, Asian-themed design of the app and many of its exciting games. Even a simple pop-up screen letting you know which awesome reward you’ve just one turns into a beautiful and colorful experience with this mobile casino app.

In good company

It’s strange to say, but not all social gaming apps have managed to fulfill their social potential and create a gaming experience that turns slot machines into a shared adventure. By including tournaments, exchanging gifts and throwing multiplayer challenges, social gaming becomes so much more exciting and engaging, not to mention, allows gamers to make new friends while winning huge prizes.

On-brand gaming

This one’s pretty intuitive, but not that easy to do: in order to create an authentic mobile casino experience, apps should build a smartphone version of the beloved, well-known slot machine brands that casino visitors recognize. These collaborations are hard to form, as they can only be created by apps that have a strong reputation. However, major social gaming brands, such as SciPlay, manage to take every slot machine you’ve played on the casino floor and put it right in your pocket.

All games, very much including social ones, have come a long way since the first mobile devices have entered our world. It’s incredible to see the growth in terms of design and graphics, narrative and structure, and many additional aspects. There’s still so much to look forward to, but by combining these and other elements, social casino apps already allow users to have a fun night out without ever leaving the house.