There's something captivating about the music Balkan Taksim are making. The Romanian group creates a unique and richly diverse sound capable of transporting to several places at once without you having to actually go anywhere. With its effortless merging of wide-ranging styles from modern electronic music and trip-hop, to Balkan psych and Carpathian rhythms, their new single 'Zalina' makes a strong case for what exactly makes their music so special. And although it's still pretty new, 'Zalina' has already been given the remix treatment, which we're premiering today on The 405.

Rather than offer some radical reinterpretation of the original, there's a kind of murky dub-like quality to the Baiúca remix with a little more emphasis placed on the beats: rolling percussion is brought to the forefront, and, combined with the incessant thump of a kick drum, they further add to its hypnotic quality; the tempos are slightly slower with a noticeably darker tone while the Balkan strings and synthesizers are pushed back just a little but the result is that it only further emphasizes the psychedelic vibe. It's a tastefully understated take that serves to reinforce what makes the original so good in the first place.

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