Label: Count Your Lucky Stars Link: From the word go, The Reptilian try very hard to attract your attention, from the deliberately obtuse song titles ('I'll Ram My Ovopositor Down Your Throat And Lay My Eggs In Your Chest But I'm Not An Alien!', 'So...What Are My Torso Options?') to the strange combination of screamo vocals and Foals-style light guitar patterns. There are some great musical ideas on the Boys' Life EP, especially in 'I'll Ram...' (whose name has an acronym longer than most normal song titles) and 'I Can't Drink This. It's Warm!', but between the good ideas there isn't much of interest going on. Most of the EP sounds like some mismatched but good musicians have got together and had a rather aimless jamming session. They don't let time signatures and traditional song layouts tie them down, and they experiment with unusual rhythms and sounds, though nothing is groundbreakingly new and untouched. There is a lot of potential here - the members of The Reptilian are good musicians with decent raw ideas - but it suffers from little original songwriting, and repetitiveness. It's technically better music than a lot of what is around at the moment, but it lacks the ability to stand out despite how much effort The Reptilian have made. At the moment, you'd put it on the stereo to feel arty and 'in touch', not with the intention of listening too hard. If they spend a few more months touring and practising, develop their sound and pull all the fragmented ideas together, they might make something more full-bodied, and have a chance of gaining fans without needing the silly song titles. Rating: 7/10