The Republic Tigers are a fantastic indie/dream pop (one review I read called them “Majestic Pop” a term I think fits the band perfectly) group from Kansas City, Missouri. I first found this band while reading through Paste Magazine and listening to the sampler CD that comes with each issue. The Paste sampler CD has introduced me to many wonderful bands like Midlake and Colour Revolt, who have now become favorites of mine. I now add another favorite band from Paste to that list, The Republic Tigers. What caught my attention even more listening to their song was seeing the bands hometown being Kansas City, MO where I grew up before making the trek to California. I was very excited just seeing a band from KC, now it came to finding out if they were any good.


As I began to listen to their song “Buildings and Mountains” (video below) I was immediately hooked. The song begins with some ambient noise and then quickly moves into a catchy acoustic guitar hook, after that the band joins in with a simple but very dreamy harmony, I’m a sucker for dreamy harmonies. I didn’t think the song could get any better, but then the chorus becomes one of the catchiest I’ve heard in ages. After hearing this song I immediately went to listen to the entire CD to see how well it compares to this song and I was not disappointed, each song on their full length was just as good.


So far The Republic Tigers have released a self titled EP and a full length entitled Keep Color, which just released a couple months ago. Here is their video for Buildings and Mountains.



And here is the link to their myspace page