Vin Diesel might not have had great luck recently with the critical and box office flop that was Babylon A.D., but all other signs are good for a revival of his career, as he is in effect retaking the starring roles in two franchises that he started, and then starred someone else. First, there is Fast and Furious, coming out next summer (along with other returnees like Paul Walker and Michelle Rodriguez). And now, there is news that Vin Diesel will return to star in the third XXX movie, to be titled XXX: The Return of Xander Cage. Now, it's true that the XXX Director's Cut DVD included a short film called The Death of Xander Cage, which killed off the character, to make way for the Ice Cube character in the second movie, but I figure one can just figure that was sort of a deleted scene "alternate reality" thing. Both Diesel and director Rob Cohen are reported as already being signed with Columbia Pictures to return for this third movie, but as yet, there is no screen writer or script. My guess is they haven't figured out yet what gadgets, extreme sports or exotic locales they'd like Xander Cage to tackle next, either.