It is no news that these pioneers of tomfoolery make us laugh to the point of exhaustion. For a while the RH Experience have been drawing us to their YouTube channel with wonderful sketches featuring characters such as the urban philosopher, Rufus D. King, the sinister thespian, Cooper Tarrant, the hapless dog walkers, Edward and Stephen, and the untalented A level media students, Rupert and Tom. Along with this they have shown great skills of improvisation and general arsing around in their 'Door-to-Door' sketches. Quite some time ago we ventured over to the set where they shot the 'Margo' sketch. There, we filmed an interview with the RH Experience so epic, so magnificent, so powerful, that YouTube refused to accept it in no less than four parts! Nevertheless, we got an engaging discussion out of Tom Webster (the big one), Conor Jatter (the short one), and Luke Spillane (the skinny one): Please don't hesitate to see the sketches referenced in this interview in full, along with many new episodes here