Back in the summer Daniel Woolhouse announced the release of his second Deptford Goth album, Songs. At its heart an amalgamation of the sounds from his 2011 EP, Youth II, and last year's full-length debut album, Life After Defo, the new record glimmers with fine melodies, beats to distract you from whatever else it is you're doing and, above all, that voice.

We wanted to have a leisurely conversation with Woolhouse about Songs and thought that an interesting way of taking our time with it would be to conduct our back-and-forths via Twitter, as and when. To carry out our intended twêêt-à-tête through his @danielwoolhouse account would have potentially opened it up to external interruption and distracting spam @ mentions, so we set Woolhouse up with a separate account and launched in. Here's what went down.

Deptford Goth's Songs is out on 3 November on 37 Adventures.