Label: Dark Noise Release date: 23/11/09 Website: The Rifle Volunteer Myspace In the past, I have encountered people - strange people - who have referred to Radiohead as 'boring'. I could never see where such individuals were coming from and by the time I had finished tearing their face off with my teeth, they were unable to explain themselves further. After listening to The Rifle Volunteer, however, I've come a little bit closer to closing that gap in my understanding. Both tracks on this double single are, in a word, dull. 'End Season' displays an obvious Radiohead influence. The vocals emulate the wailing quality of Thom Yorke, though at times they sound more like Damon Albarn, and there is a definite, albeit faint, echo of 'Knives Out' in the melody. But this is a radically stripped down version of Radiohead, pursuing the downbeat and haunting as an end in itself instead of using it as a foundation to build something richer. 'No Home Behind the Trees' continues in a similar vein though it bears little resemblance to anything put out by Johnny Greenwood and the gang. Instead, this song, sprinkled with fingerstyle, melodica and organ, seems to have a very slight touch of folk to it. It comes off, however, as a post-rock song that goes nowhere. It feels as though it should be the quiet before the storm but, frustratingly, this never breaks; things, instead, remaining overcast and, to break with this trite analogy, simply tedious. I'm afraid 'tedious' is probably the best way to sum up these tracks. They're too boring for concentrated listening and too annoying to serve as background music. TRF must be what those with a dislike for Radiohead hear when an album like Amnesiac is playing: a languid, monotonous whinge. And though I shall continue to sink my fangs into their cheeks with utter disdain at their protests, I will now carry a kernel of sympathy for my victims. Rating: 4/10 Have I been too harsh?Sound off in our Fourum!