Label: 679/ Universal Publishing Website: After what I can only describe as an eternity listening to this album trying to decide whether I like this album or not, I finally came to a decision. And that decision is, I don't know. The enjoyable thing about The Rifles is their simplicity, this is reflected through both the lyrics and instrumentation in their songs. However, the novelty of this wears off after 10 or so songs AKA 2006's debut record 'No Love Lost'. 'The Great Escape' doesn't seem to expand on its predecessor, only emulating 11 similar tracks that could simply be B-Sides from the first album. That said fans of the first record will still find enjoyment in the album 'The Great Escape' is the track that the album takes its name from and encompasses everything that made 'Local Boy' and 'Peace and Quiet' great songs from the first album. Other than that and 2 or 3 other songs this album is half-heartedly mediocre. As a fan of the band from time to time I find myself listening too it but there is no real buzz about any of the songs. Lighthearted and enjoyable at times but nothing special. Rating:4/10