The Roots have unveiled the tracklisting for their forthcoming 11th studio album, ...And Then You Shoot Your Cousin. It's at this point that we'd usually comment on a weird track name, but there's not a great deal to poke fun at here. Shame.

The follow-up to 2011's Undun will be released on May 18th. It features the recently released 'When The People Cheer', which can be heard below.

  • 1. Theme From the Middle of the Night
  • 2. Never
  • 3. When the People Cheer
  • 4. The Devil
  • 5. Black Rock
  • 6. Understand
  • 7. Dies Irae
  • 8. The Coming
  • 9. The Dark (Trinity)
  • 10. The Unraveling
  • 11. Tomorrow
  • 12. Nothing

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