The Savage Nomads are one of the bands that play guitar music and play it well. It's not taken by fashion or trend, it's just bloody good straight up guitar music, which makes it easy to see why they were chosen to open for BAD earlier this month. We caught up with them quickly to chat about playing for Mick Jones and street gangs.

We caught up with them to chat about playing for Mick Jones and street gangs...

Hello - introduce yourselves. Who are you, where do you come from?

HELLO 405. We all hail from sunless South London. Cole (vocals/rhythm guitar) and Billy (drums) come from Brixton whilst Joe (guitar) is a little further out the way in Southfields. When we're not rehearsing at our label's HQ: Alaska Studios in Waterloo we play at our bass-player Josh's humble abode in Sydenham.

Playing for Mick Jones - that's pretty amazing. How did it come about?

It was incredible. We actually played 5 of his Carbon Casino nights in early 2008 and it certainly served as a catalyst for us. It cemented us as a group and gave us the confidence to take things forward. We were over the moon when we were asked to support Big Audio Dynamite on their recent tour. There's nothing like playing on a big stage and our songs are meant to heard BIG. We could get used to it.

Why 'The Savage Nomads'? What was the idea behind naming yourselves after a gang?

Well they weren't your typical street gang and though they got involved in racketeering and dope dealing they also committed themselves to serving and protecting the impoverished communities of The Bronx where a police presence was somewhat lacking. New York was a very much racially divided place and whereas most gangs imposed racial restrictions The Savage Nomads were a mix of differing ethnicities. They united people; they frequently set up block parties in their neighbourhoods and would encourage local poets to recite.

Who are your chief influences?

It's impossible to pin something down as being more contributory than something else or highlighting any genre as the most important. If you listen to the album we hope you can hear the wide range of influences in there. I think we're most inspired by anything that challenges your ears.

It's refreshing to hear people playing guitar music and being proud of it - was it a deliberate choice to just go with guitars?

It's just what we went for first. I don't think there was any conscious decision to go with guitars but they were around! We're not averse to synths or sampling and are looking to branch out when we write new material. It's gonna be...nomadic