The seaside city frequently visited by Polish celebrities and even Rihanna, again opened its doors to a lineup of exciting new music. The Seazone Showcase consisted of mostly up-and-coming Polish musicians but also included a carefully curated selection of international artists, as well as talks by leading industry figures. The events were spread over 3 days and across the city's many clubs, theatres and bars.

These were a few of the highlights from the weekend.

Lor at Teatr Boto

Packed into the intimate Teatr Boto, four shy young women, one violin and a piano had the room completely enthralled. Their emotional music brought grown men close to tears.

Eyre Llew at Mewa Towarzyska

Eyre Llew are a trio from Nottingham who play ambient rock. However, don't let the word 'ambient' deceive you - the performance was high energy; broken guitar strings and the heads of drum sticks flying into the crowd didn't stop the band from playing a great show.

Coals at Sfinks

Kasia and Wojtek have been growing a large fan base through YouTube - the medium they also met through. The show had a lot of hype around it and the Silesian duo didn't disappoint with their brand of ethereal pop.

Daniel Spaleniak at Teatr Wybrzeza

Daniel Spaleniak's show saw the singer-songwriter construct his tracks live with the help of loops. The show did feature a special guest in the form of Kasia from the aforementioned Coals, who joined the stage for their track 'Back Home'.

Eric Shoves Them in His Pockets at Spatif

The Warsaw-based trio played a show in the quirky bohemian bar, which complemented the band's fun vibe and positive energy. The band balanced the show with some records from both of their LPs including new single 'With Love'.