Didja know Mac Miller used to date Ariana Grande? Most any major publicity focused on the famous, young rapper and his even more famous ex is sure to focus on their relationships and its (private, folks) deterioration. As emotive as Miller's new songs may be, surely, there's little that annoys him more.

As already asserted by baths parties, Miller's demons are largely his own. On 'Self Care', the lead single for his approaching third album, Swimming, is finally confronting whatever those are. Sorry, rubberneckers, no, the song is not about Ms. Grande.

You'd think an artist had done enough naming a song after looking after there damn selves. Naturally, when your ex literally feels the need to release a press release defending herself against public reaction, her presence looms over proceedings.

Miller hardly seems concerned, with the 'Self Care' video literally finding him entombed, with our hero casually helping himself to a cigarette before gradually breaking his way to freedom. If Swimming is half as ambitious a reentry, we have plenty to look forward to.