We all know our friends at The Shacklewell Arms have good taste, but this week they've taken things to the next level with their most delicious menu yet - a record store with 100 handpicked vinyl.

The carefully curated selection is part of the Black Wax residency and hosts a mixed bag of records to meet your individual taste or mood. On the menu, there's everything from Hangover Cures (Warpaint, Beach House etc) to Absolute Legends (Sonic Youth, Nick Cave etc); from the Headache-Inducing (MC5, Liars etc) or just Plain Weird (Goat, Bjork etc). There's plenty more too and it's an easy over the bar exchange.

This weekend they'll be celebrating the Black Wax launch with some free gigs. Friday night will be headlined by Trust Fund, with Slowcoaches, Fake Laugh, Wild Birds of Britain joining them. Then on Saturday it's The Virgin Kids, with The Whig Whams, Night Shades and Lost Dawn.

Get down to Dalston for a good time this weekend. If not, head down another time for a beer, a burger and... a record. Now that's what I call service.