Missing trains and trams that magically disappeared left me stranded in the centre of Amsterdam with an important destination ahead of me. Thankfully, both photographer and band showed up fashionably late and I was able to capture the wonders the evening would bring: The Sheer presenting their new album 'Here and now and long before'. The Dutch rock band had planned the release of their long awaited third studio album on the 16th of April. And so, two nights ago family, friends and fans gathered in the Melkweg venue in Amsterdam to celebrate just that. With new guitarist JanPeter Hoekstra on board, The Sheer were eager to show the crowd that the magic was still there and ready to shine. From the first note the band played, a relaxed vibe took over the small, cosy room. With old hits and befriended singers such as Stevie Ann joining to sing a song or two, the gathering soon turned into an up close and personal happening. The Brit pop influences so significant about the sound we’ve known for years made way for something a little further across the ocean from its British roots. A fresh American country rock sound is what is most striking about new songs such as the upbeat ‘Bang Bang’ However, with singer Bart van Liemt's ability to keep everyone grounded, sweet ballads like 'Home' and 'Here and now and long before' are far from out of place. It seems the further away the influences are, the more low key the band gets. Mix that up with an incredible voice and overpowering live show played by worthy musicians and you've got The Sheer. I wonder, how can anyone ever be against something like that?