The Silver Seas, formally known as The Bees (U.S.), create some of the finest pop music I have ever laid my ears upon. They have put out a couple of albums so far, Starry Gazey Pie and High Society, the latter has become a favorite of mine. High Society sounds like it came straight out of the 70’s pop scene, with melodies that simply flow like a leaf down a stream (I do hope that metaphor works, it sounded good to me). High Society is full of rich harmonies in which the entire band takes part in, and makes me want to sing along as well. Like I have said before here on The 405…I am a sucker for those kinds of harmonies, they get me every time. Not only do The Silver Seas incorporate a 70s baroque pop sound on High Society, but they also have a strong Americana/Country influence running throughout the record. I must credit Paste Magazine again for introducing me to yet another wonderful band.

I think if I were to pick a near perfect summer album for myself, High Society would be hit. In the summer time I want to hear upbeat music that has a certain lightness to it, and this record meets that perfectly. I was in the process of creating a summer play list for myself when I pulled this album out again, then I felt compelled to share this band with everyone here at The 405 and all of our wonderful visitors. I have included their song “We’ll Go Walking” here, this song sounds straight out of some early 1970s feel good movie.

We'll Go Walking by The Silver Seas Check out their Myspace page here