Gambling is a booming business in the Internet age. It’s never been easier to wager against other players and all-knowing algorithms. But not everyone is hitching themselves to online video slots, and players who prefer to play in real life have a huge choice of artistic cards to give a really stylish twist to their poker, blackjack or baccarat sessions.

This is down to another tech innovation, the print-on-demand revolution has made providing unique graphical products, usually delivered straight to your door, as easy as clicking on a couple of links. You can buy established artists in every museum gift shop, and big online stores like Amazon are full of similar decks of cards. If you want to support new artists, you will find the latest unknowns vying for your attention at Etsy or on print-on-demand sites like Zazzle.

If you want to try some really way-out designs, then ditch standard playing cards and check out tarot decks, and take a look at Deviant Art and other alt and lifestyle sites.

Here’s our pick of some favorites:

1 – Piatnik’s Banksy Cards

The most famous graffiti and graphical artist of the 21st century was anonymous for years. And one of the first and most accurate of his satirical blows was against the phenomenon of museum gift shops. So we’ll guess he may not approve of this lovely set of cards featuring his work, and perfect for revealing that capitalism itself is nothing more than a rigged game of cards.

2 – The Art of Play: Clouded Paper

If you’re going to be a serious player then why not use seriously beautiful tools? The Art of Play website offers beautiful hand-painted and limited-edition decks of cards. The only problem is that these cards might feel too good to risk in a dirty old game of poker – you won’t want to have too many beers and dips on the table! We love the limited-edition marbled sets by Eliot Slevin, but at $15 a deck they’re quite a buy-in for your game before you’ve even dealt a hand.

3 – Rare Playing Cards: Memento Mori

“You know I'm born to lose, and gambling's for fools, but that's the way I like it, baby, I don't wanna live forever!” Lemmy knew (we highly recommend you play 'The Ace of Spades' by Motorhead at top volume before every home game of poker), and you can enjoy a wonderfully artistic game of poker with an Ace of Spades that really has some heft with this beautifully designed set of cards from this specialist site that’s a must for any serious card fancier.

4 – Cultzilla: Alice in Wonderland Curious Deck

The most famous representations of playing cards in literature may be the court cards in Lewis Carroll’s seminal children’s stories telling of the adventures of Alice. You’ll find a load of Alice cards online, but these are a quality set – and pretty expensive – that really capture the queasy surreal feel of the books.

5 – Art Playing Cards: Leonardo MMXV Gold Edition

You will need to be a serious high roller to play with these cards, which cost 40 Swiss Francs and upwards and are available in a small range of artist works. You can buy these cards as uncut sheets to hang on your wall if you really want to make a show of them.

From Artistic Cards to the Art of Cards

The cards to art pipeline isn’t a one-way street. Some of the world’s most famous works of art feature cards. The Card Players by Cézanne are among the most expensive works ever sold, showing a couple of chaps busy at their game in a French café.

The simple graphical images of the deck of card have a great deal of visual impact, as well as a load of psychological heft.

Take a look at Etsy or similar sites and you’ll find a load of posters and pictures featuring playing cards. It’s popular to reimagine historical figures into the famous poses of the court cards for example – we found an excellent example of Elvis, as the king, naturally.

The suit icons – hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades – are also ripe for dramatic and stylish reinterpretation. Famous cards like the Queen of Hearts or the Ace of Spades are made for sticking in frames or on t-shirts. Cards as art or art on cards, there’s no reason why you should reduce your card playing to a simple, functional thing. Everything is better with beauty, everything is better with art!