Barbarism does, it would seem, begin on the blogosphere in what has proven to be just another day with yet another Smiths reunion rumour quickly becoming hysterical.

Joe Moss, Johnny Marr's manager, who recently spoke to the NME (who else?) quashed today’s earlier buzz following a typically flippant/attention seeking comment from dear old Moz stating that Coachella offered to make the festival "a 100-per-cent vegetarian event" for the mere price of reuniting The Smiths (minus Rourke and Joyce, interestingly). Moss asserted hat Team Marr were instead "fully focussed" on getting Johnny's new album and tour finalised for 2013.

So, put down your gladioli for another year, kids, as you must suffer and cry for a longer time. If it does ever happen though, I will most certainly eat my quiff, put down the hot dogs and start squealing like the rest of you.