Time and time again, fans have called, and begged, and pleaded for a reunion of The Smiths to occur, to get yet another taste of that melancholic Manchester sound. Yet, according to Morrissey he knows "no-one that wants a Smiths reunion," but then again he also said he thinks The Beatles only have four good songs. Instead, to celebrate 30 years since their debut album came out, you can now delve into an interactive timeline of the band's five year run.

It's a pretty detailed timeline with bits of album art, promotional leaflets and posters, bite sized facts like what you'd find on crisp packets only exclusively about The Smiths and not the lifespan of a blue bottle, and a bunch of other stuff. The best part is, thanks to its link to Spotify, you can also stream the embedded audio as you browse. It's a pretty neat, well put together little timeline that probably won't completely subside the aching desire for the band to get back together but will do for now.

Check it out here.

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