Following up his 2018 self-titled EP, London-based singer-songwriter Quiet Man is back in collaboration with producer Joy Anonymous with an infectiously danceable banger in the form of 'Naked In The Cold.'

While a fusion of soul and R&B has been the usual name of Quiet Man’s game, this track simultaneously revives UK Bass and modern house elements at once. That being said, there are so many are many moving parts to 'Naked In The Cold'—as amorphously sputtering vocal samples, whistling synths and a doom-filled bassline hum and throb their way through listeners body, Quiet Man’s vocals remain grounded as the chilling presence amidst Joy Anonymous' sonic bombast.

Though Quiet Man’s vocals are heavily produced and shrouded by a thick haze, there is something impeccably warm and emotive about the way he carries it through this rhythmic amalgamation of sounds.

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