Label: None Link: When I was sent this CD I really didn't know what to expect. I've heard the name before (the band is actually just one guy called Martin Austwick) and i've also heard a lot of people praise him but generally anyone that gets lumped in with jazz-folk is beyond bland. That's not to say I don't like those two genres, I just don't think you can really get way with mixing the two unless you're a) Female or b) Jeff Buckley. Which leads me to me not so subtle link to the person I get the impression he likes. It most definitely isn't a Buckley rip off but it certainly has a similarity, mainly musically and sonically rather than vocally. That's not to say his voice isn't good, it just doesn't have the same haunting quality Buckley had. I'll get off my Buckley high horse now and speak a bit about this 5 track EP.  Like I said before it's definitely got a healthy mix of Jazz in it, especially on tracks like 'The Clouds At The Top Of The Sky', where Austwick displays his jazzy musicality. I guess the folk element of his music comes directly from his lyrics rather than the music itself. Which is a good way of doing it really. You wouldn't exactly want a three chord folk track with a singer scatting over the top of it! Though that would be quite funny! My problem with this EP is that although it's technically nice and it's a fairly solid effort, it's just missing a spark or an individuality about it that would make me exited about hearing more from him, which is a real shame because he definitely has some talent. Thats more than evident when you hear the beautiful instrumental piece 'Not New York (In The Pouring Rain). Rating: 3/5