Greetings from my new homeland of Seattle, Washington! The day I arrived here, the city was preparing for a big music festival called 'Bumbershoot'. Unfortunately, I did not get to attend. Some of the headliners: Beck, Paramore, Band of Horses, The Black Keys, Nada Surf, and local Seattle natives Death Cab for Cutie. Since arriving here, I've met so many people who are so proud of living in a city with such a strong and diverse music scene. I haven't done much researching on the recent Seattle music scene, but, what I have done is listed my top ten favourite Seattle-based bands that you MUST give a shot if you haven't already: I didn't get too into underground Hip-hop until the release of Aesop Rock's 'None Shall Pass', and Atmosphere's newest album, 'When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold'. But I stumbled across Common Market's MySpace not very long ago, and I immediately felt the beat. There is true talent in this Hip-hop duo. #2 - Pedro The Lion/David Bazan I remember picking up Pedro the Lion's 'Achilles Heel' back in '04 after its release, and never being the same again. Since the band's breakup in 2005, the spirits of Pedro fans have been lifted by frontman David Bazan and his solo EP release 'Fewer Moving Parts'. David's full-length album titled, 'David Bazan's Black Cloud' is due out next year. #3 - The Long Winters I often find myself listening to The Long Winters just for the stories they tell. That's all that is within the lyrics of this band. Stories. And I can't seem to get enough of them. #4 - The Dead Science First gave them a shot all because of the 405. I describe their songs as 'haunting'. And I like it. By far the most known on this list. I think it should be every fan of DC4C's life goal to make it here to Seattle and listen to a few of their songs. It changes the feel of their songs completely. Or maybe it's just me... #6 - Fair If you don't like Fair there is something wrong with you. Good lyrics, easy going musically, and lead singer Aaron Sprinkle has a soothing voice you won't forget. Random fact concerning Fair: if you're an Eisley fan (like me) lead singers Stacy & Sherri DuPree contributed their beautiful vocals to the song 'Unglued', which has recently become my most played song on iTunes. #7 - Fleet Foxes The quintet describe their music as "baroque harmonic pop jams". Whatever that is, it. is. good. #8 - Minus the Bear If you don't own 'Highly Refined Pirates', then buy it and listen to it while driving down a narrow, dark road at night. You'll understand once you do it. #9 - These Arms Are Snakes I'm not really into the 'post-hardcore' music scene much anymore, but these guys are talented. They are actually playing a venue in southern Washington tonight on their tour with sBach #10 - Jeremy Enigk/Sunny Day Real Estate I was never really into Sunny Day Real Estate, but I recently became addicted to Jeremy's voice and the powerful yet simple words he puts in his musically mellow songs. Look forward to a lot more from me and this musically diverse city. I'm hoping to hit up a couple of shows soon, and also a few of my favourite bands happen to be releasing some albums in the coming month, so definitely expect reviews on those! Cheers!