I'm here to bring you some of the latest tracks and news from the world of UK Rap.

J Spades

Things seem to be heating up between South London's Stormzy and East London rapper J Spades, as J Spades dropped a brand new one, 'Never Enough', in which he sends for him. On Spades' verse he says, "man here a likkle man talking bout shut up, who, he don't wanna get his next show shut up, cuz you know we have niggas all over, summertime's mine so you know storms over." It was such a direct hit, that it was unmissable! The track features Birmingham's Mist, London's M Dargg, and Frisco 22. It's definitely one for the clubs where the rapper's drop verse's about never having enough and wanting more. The visuals are slick and polished and work well with the trappy vibes of the track.


Back for his fourth time in the infamous Fire In The Booth series, Akala takes on Desiigner's 'Panda', then onto to Kano's '3 Wheel Up's' and JME's 'Man Don't Care', even moving onto a classical track to show how he can spit on anything. The lyrical genius states on the intro it's a ten-year anniversary, and we're assuming he means for his music and where he is definitely the "Flow Farda" as he states in this freestyle. He talks through issues from being "independent to when everybody was signed, still independent respect my grind," to having a masters, industry hype, his world tour he's doing at the end of the year, and much more. He shells it down for 18 minutes proving why he is one of the best. In the words of Charlie Sloth, he surpasses himself every time.


North West London rapper Nines has been blessing us quite consistently this year with music, and now he's dropped the brand, new, crisp visuals to 'Intro.' This will be on his forthcoming project One Foot Out. It's a follow-up from his 2015 mixtape One Foot In, which was a huge underground success. The laid-back beat matches his relaxed flow and allows Nines to show off his bars where he looks into his life, the streets, the rap game, and what he hopes to achieve. "It's looking like I might blow, but the streets need me," shows his love for the streets, but also how he hopes for a better life, "my pen's gonna take me out this trap like 007." The video shows the juxtaposition between Church Road where Nines if from and the wealthy areas in London.

Tremz, A1 From The 9 & Alpo

Tremz has been putting Liverpool on the map for UK rap music recently with a string of releases. For this new one, 'Drama & Smoke', it's a Liverpool and London link up with Tremz being joined by A1 From The 9 and Alpo who spits, "Liverpool to London my n****'s trapping hard." The Liverpudlian rapper handles the hook for the track, and spits a verse in between the London-based rappers to even things out. It's definitely one for the streets and is as raw as UK rap gets, with pure energy and passion from all three. Tremz is known for his delivery which is full of hunger and aggression, and that doesn't change for this one.

Section Boyz

South London crew Section Boyz return with a brand new banger in the form of 'Section Music 2,' a follow-up to their 2014 'Section Music. It shows the 6 rappers going back-to-back, spitting a verse each in the new video, which was shot in Dublin whilst on tour. We see them in a hotel and then in a parking lot, cladded in the Bape x Puma collaboration jackets. They rhyme through everything from trapping to girls over a drum-led instrumental. Section as always keep it 100 with their lyrics, with Littlez spitting "street life had my mumzy worrying, I was on the road with the warriors, used to go halves on the onions, now they pay homage and honour us."