North London artist MoStack released a brand new anthem and one of the catchiest tracks of his career with 'Liar Liar'. As you press play on the video you'll notice a few well-known faces such as Wretch 32, Krept, Konan, and Stormzy.

Produced by iLL BLU, 'Liar Liar' is a huge tune with memorable bars. "Claiming you gon rob me, claiming that you're a trap star, claiming that you gon shoot man, claiming that you gon stab man, stop it you ain't no bad man. Blud you're a lie lie lie liar." MoStack continues to draw us in with his witty personality and charismatic charm.

Krept & Konan

Krept & Konan dropped a new video for 'Dunya', which is like a mini movie. Taken from the soundtrack for the brand new British film Brotherhood (the sequel to Kidulthood and Adulthood), the visuals for the track were also directed by the film's director's Noel Clarke.

It begins with the rap duo in a plush crib, with Krept watching footage of Alton Sterling's death on the news, before him and Konan head out to get food. As they're walking, they are stopped by police and put in handcuffs. The roles then reverse. It ends on the police pulling up next to them and then leaving them alone, something they find surprising. It's a stark reminder of the world we live in.

Avelino feat. Abra Cadabra

This is a brilliant North London link up, with Avelino enlisting newcomer Abra Cadabra for track 'On A Roll'. Abra Cadabra recently set the internet on fire with his 'Robbery Remix', taking to huge stages such as Reading Festival to perform it.

This new track is one for the streets and will become an instant underground banger, especially with its melodic chorus and bassy instrumental.

It's something different to what we normally hear from Avelino and shows his ability to be bold and daring with his artistry. Avelino brings some intricate wordplay in his verses whilst bringing a harmonious chorus, "I'm getting neck and collar boned till I go go no dominoes, yea but I came to deliver, love go cuz it from the same place as a nigger, talking bout the rock you ain't Dame you ain't Jigga, you ain't got the name but the name on your twitter."


Nines surprised us with a brand new video for 'Trapper Of The Year', a road rap anthem with plenty of class. His self-proclaimed status matches his braggadocious bars and visuals, with nice trainers, jewellery, and an anthemic chorus. "I had LV's on my feet you were in some pumas, selling food to the consumers, now my room look like a jewelers. The worlds gona crazy everyone wanna be ballers."

As much as it's a trappers anthem, it also has some interesting messages in it, where you will learn more about what Nines stands for, such as not caring about what people think. The laid-back beat allows him to lay down his lyrics effortlessly, whilst the video takes us on a tour, from an apartment to the streets to the club, finishing up in a limo in London.


West London rapper Ratlin has been rather quiet as of late, but this new one shows he hasn't dissapeared completely. He is joined by Ayo Beatz, who provides the auto-tuned hook and production for their brand new track 'More Money No Problems.' Loick Essien also stunts on this track with some bars along with vocals. We normally see Loick singing, so it's definitely a surprise to see him holding it down on a track with Ratlin.

The track's title is pretty self-explanatory, with them all talking about how money has brought them better prospects and a better life, "I got my city on my back, last year I was trappin on the corner, this year I blew 50 in the garden, every day see more cake that's my target, them n*****s ain't street, nah them p****s just target, them n*****s don't eat man they starving."