Margs - 'What Have You Done'

Margs is the first signing to Wiley's brand new label CTA Records. The East London rapper is best known as being part of Mashtown, and Wiley has seemed to have noticed the rappers pure, raw and undeniable talents speaking to Clash Magazine stating, "I listened to Margs when he was really young, just because we're from the same area and my friend brought me the CD," going on to say, "When he raps I feel his energy." This track, produced by Ayo Beatz, shows Margs firings some cold, hard bars for fans that have been missing him as he returns to the scene. The OG who has been in the game for a while tells what he has done for others in his opening bars and hook, also whipping up some serious wordplay. Margs is back and we definitely missed him.

French Montana - 'Unforgettable (D-Block Europe Remix)'

Two of D Block Europe's artists have given us a remix of one of the most popular tracks of the moment, French Montana's 'Unforgettable' which you've probably heard all over the radio and seen the video on every music channel. Both have been keeping the work rate high, and this new remix shows a different level to the pair, really raising the stakes for their careers. It shows their ability to be diverse as they take on a different sound, slowing it down and making a sexy track for the ladies. The video shows shots of London, with both of the artists in a car with a lady against a lit skyline as Young Adz raps and Dirtbike Lil Bantz provides the hook.

67 - 'Drillin Off'

Brixton Hill's 67 are one of the hardest working crews around right now. They have a new project coming soon and are keeping fans in anticipation for it with a wave of new music such as this one, 'Drillin Off'. Filmed in their local area it shows the crew rapping over a LA Beats production. It's an ominous trap beat that gives way for Dimzy to provide the hook with lyrics relating back to their mixtape 'In Skengs We Trust.' R6, ST and Itch all bring equally strong verses about the streets, road life and peng tings. We can't wait for their next project!

Aystar - 'I Got This'

Liverpool rapper Aystar releases the video for 'I Got This' taken from platform P110 Media's album which was released earlier on in the year. Produced by Shadow On The Beat, Aystar raps some braggadocious lyrics, "I've got about 10 million views on the tube, I'm still counting, you're struggling to get 100,000, I'm a veteran, plus I'm better than most these rappers that are out now. Go tell em that I said that." His slick, laid-back flow laces the melodic beat effortlessly. Aystar style and flow is unlike any others, and this shows it off perfectly as the wordsmith says himself, "I hate them bitches that be on the same shit." Check out the video below which also sees Geko in the video.

Clue - 'That Feeling'

Since Clue's return to the UK rap game, he has been hitting us hard with visuals and tracks, and his latest highly anticipated project 'Return Of The Ghost' was what his fans had been waiting for. He keeps throwing us more though in the form of visuals for 'That Feeling,' a track taken from the EP. It's a more high energy, bouncy beat that we're used to from Clue, which sees him also vibing to the beat in the video. Clue, as usual, brings his trademark flow and delivery, also bringing us some cutting lyrics, "I was thinking bedtime then a man start sleeping, wait until it's dark before a man starts creeping, so you better watch the company your keeping." Watch the cinematic visuals below.