Shireen Fenner brings you the latest and greatest tracks from the world of UK rap. What more could you ask for?

MoStack & Mist

MoStack and Mist are two UK artists making noise in the scene right now, and they've joined forces for the huge 'On My Ones', both complementing each other's unique styles. Mostack from North London has a clear Afrobeat influence in his music, along with an upbeat charisma and a laid-back flow that keeps him unique and fresh. Mist is a rising UK rapper from Birmingham who you might have seen on Charlie Sloth's Fire In The Booth a few months back.

They take it to the streets for this banger, as Mostack comes in first with Mist then dropping a verse, spitting ferocious bars: "The internet gangsters only type gas, the internet gangsters only write gas. I ain't spitting if it really ain't that real rap, mothers they had to visit graves yea its real ak." Mostack follows with: "Do I trust anybody N O, cuz when the going gets tough all the tough gets gone." The track moves into 'Ciao Bella', which sees a change in the track's subject matter and pace.


Giggs has shared the first track from his forthcoming Landlord album, which will be released on August 5th. 'Whippin Excursion' is the first full track the Peckham rapper has gifted us following the release of small snippets and teasers of tracks on his social media pages. It shows Giggs signature laid-back flow combined with his menacing, gangster bars that he's known for. "I'm the darkest, rap like panther, man don't powder, man a dat man pampa." In the Posty-directed video, we see Giggs in a mansion house party setting with a lady friend in the bedroom and lots of partygoers having a good time. The tracklisting for the album sees guest appearances from the likes of Stromzy, Dubz, Youngs Teflon, Casisdead, and Donae'o.

Abra Cadabra

The Tottenham rapper dropped a huge, fiery track recently called 'Robbery,' which became an instant underground hit, and now Krept & Konan have jumped on the remix to add some extra flavour and take the track to a different level. The Thornton Heath duo spit some seriously hard bars over the ominous beat with some even harder wordplay as Krept raps, "mans old skool like typewriters, so much hose I fight fires." The visuals see the three of them with huge cordless phones along with a massive crew to help chant the hook, "man don't talk man rob, run up in the trap like boss weh di money deh food affi nyam."


The South London lyricist gives us another unique track with a flowing, velvety production, allowing him to flow fluently over it. He talks through us through situations that he has been in and sees: "You say you're into energies and planets, I'm still tryna find a balance and you think the solar system got the answers. I can rule the world it ain't a challenge trust me baby I can manage, you like magic let me show you the enchanted." The South London lyricist shows off his clever wordplay with sharp delivery.

Young Adz - 3 Gutta

Jadakiss' D Block's European artist Young Adz from South London releases a remix to '3 Gutta,' featuring fellow D Block artists Dirbike, Lil Bantz, Gabos, 9 Goddy and Domez. This is a straight up one for the streets as they take it in turns to spit icey bars about their lives. The hood video shows them posted on the block capturing their lyrics as Adz comes in first, "Everytime I whip out I ain't losing that much, nina in the pot bet I'm doing it." The laid-back beat allows the rappers to flow effortlessly with their bars.