Once called "one of the top 100 coolest soundtracks of all time" by MOJO Magazine, the soundtrack to George A. Romero's 1978 film Martin is getting a limited edition vinyl release.

Not only is it special because of the score, created by Donald Rubinstein, but also because Romero himself – the man behind a whole host of legendary films including Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead – claims the arthouse vampire flick Martin as the favourite of all his films.

It's a very limited run, with only 500 being made with a black and white swirl, and 1000 in regular black vinyl. Grab it here.

Here's the main theme from Martin to whet your appetite. You'll find the tracklist below.

    George A. Romero's Martin OST [vinyl tracklist]:
  • A1.     The Calling / Main Title
  • A2.     Train Attack
  • A3.     Phased
  • A4.     Tat Cuda's House
  • A5.     Martin At The Butcher Shop
  • A6.     Antique Chase With Villagers
  • A7.     Garlic Chase #6
  • A8.     Martin Goes To The City
  • A9.     Christina Leaves
  • A10.   Halloween
  • A11.   Modern Vamp
  • B1.     Chant
  • B2.     The Calling (Reprise)
  • B3.     Braddock / Chase
  • B4.     Back To Me
  • B5.     Crawling Sequence
  • B6.     Martin Martin Martin
  • B7.     Marie - Interlude
  • B8.     Evocation
  • B9.     Fly By Night
  • B10.   Exorcism / Classical Funk
  • B11.   Stake, Well Done!