English folk trio The Staves have announced a new album. This news itself arrives quite soon after their Blood I Bled EP, which dropped at the end of last month. The title track of this one, whose video was "inspired by an amazing trip to India", will also feature on the upcoming album, If I Was.

But it's not just this announcement alone. No. Nope. They've also shared with you a kind of preview-slash-making-of-video for the album, where the band talk about the inspirations behind the songs, the sound of the album. It also features snippets of the album set to quite beautifully shot scenes of some chilly looking countryside and the general behind-the-scenes fun that comes with making music.

The album is out 2nd February 2015 and you can pre-order it here. In the meantime, check out The Staves in their video below.

Oh, and we met them back in 2012. Yup, here's our interview with The Staves.

  • If I Was tracklist:
  • 1. Blood I Bled
  • 2. Steady
  • 3. No Me, No You, No More
  • 4. Let Me Down
  • 5. Black & White
  • 6. Damn It All
  • 7. The Shining
  • 8. Don’t You Call Me Anymore
  • 9. Horizons
  • 10. Teeth White
  • 11. Make It Holy
  • 12. Sadness
  • 13. Don’t Own Me