When Ron Asheton died in 2009 The Stooges only waited a second before starting a third life in their long careers. They drafted back James Williamson to reform, as best they could, their Iggy and The Stooges incarnation that recorded their 1973 classic Raw Power.

Last year, they released Ready to Die, a pretty lukewarm record that was never going to knock any of the band's first three records off of anyone's stereo. But their legacy was sealed year ago, the band in the modern era have mostly come to be known as live act who, even after the years of drugs and excess, are still shit hot. And that's largely thanks to Iggy Pop.

Well The Stooges are working on another album that no one will reach for before Fun House after it's over a week old, but this time Iggy Pop won't be on it. Iggy wanted to take a year off, he is 66 after all, but the rest of the band don't, so they're going to try and replace the irreplaceable with a slew of guest stars.

Re-Licked will feature versions of Raw Power-era tracks that were never recorded by the band, only played live and frequently bootlegged. Jello Biafra, Mark Lanegan, Ariel Pink, Mario Cuomo from The Orwells, blues singer Carolyn Wonderland, and more will all appear on the album, which was recorded at Dave Grohl's 606 Studios.

The first Re-Licked release will be a 7" for Record Store Day that features versions of 'Open Up and Bleed' and 'Gimme Some Skin', sung by Wonderland. It's unclear how much animosity this decision has in the original Iggy and the Stooges as both Williamson and Pop seem to stay amicable, but unsure of the other camps feelings in their statements regarding the album.

Williamson told Rolling Stone: "He gave me his blessing and wished me success," says Williamson. "But it's a hard pill to swallow when someone is doing all your songs with your band and you're not on it. I think he's cool with it so far. We'll see how things progress...I hope he maintains his positive attitude."

To which Iggy replied: "I don't have a problem with anything, I don't oppose anything. This statement about the 'hard pill' sounds kind of passive aggressive to me. The guys in the touring group have been phoning and emailing me and my rep before during and after the recordings, wondering how I felt about this. These guys are my friends and we've all worked together many years. I am glad someone is paying them; they are working musicians and they need to play. I want to thank all the wonderful singers on this record for covering my songs."

Listen to 'I Got a Right' below.

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