Label: Leroy Godspeed Records/TuneCore Release Date: Out Now Link: For a temporarily free download, Until The Autumn provides a better listen than most experiences I've had in the past with the same sort. I tend not to treat freebies so preciously (apart from the 405 mixtapes of course), and so I give them a lot less attention and respect. However, with sites such as TuneCore, there has been a rise, over the years, of artists self-releasing their material and I'm not only finding it inescapable, but beginning to get used to it. Putting any deduction of value from free downloads aside, Until The Autumn starts off feeling quite average, but really becomes interesting a few tracks in. The album will really grab your attention when it reaches 'Lights On The Landing'; the strings work harmoniously with the vocals, reminiscent of Scritti Politti. There is a great variation on the record, as the music alternately shifts from the songs with an uplifting build up and chorus, to something more down beat and dramatic. Evidently The Story Of love their Polyphonic Spree and their Arcade Fire, and show it, but add their own spin. Until The Autumn creeps towards the dangerous edge of a concept album, a term that makes some people shudder, but does not go far enough to create a self indulgent, mythological story. It has a constant theme of repetitive  lyrics that describe different seasons and changes in colour, in a universal sense. It's a dangerous move to use such repetition, but it seems necessary when interacting with the music and driving home whatever story the band want to tell. Until The Autumn provides a mainly inconsistent listen. It's easy to drop off during certain tracks, but there are moments that can make you skip to the surfeit of bright and hopeful melodies. It encourages thoughts of the tones, colours, behaviour  and dramatisations associated with certain seasons, entertaining for something that comes close to a concept. 6/10