Swedish singer Nadia Nair is an artist we've been eagerly following since her emergence in 2016, so we are excited that she has returned in even bolder and grander form with new single 'K'.

Beauty has always been a large part of the Gothenburg singer's music, but on 'K' that comes even more finely into focus with a divine pairing of string arrangements and genuinely heartfelt lyrics. Nadia Nair is singing in intimate terms to a close personal friend, who seems to have grown distant, possibly moved on. Nair is here to assure that person that they can return to her for comfort any time they need it. The repeated insistence of the chorus, that "you don't look OK," couples with swelling strings to hammer home the genuine concern that she feels.

It is possible, though, that you might have a different interpretation of ‘K’, which is something Nair would encourage as she says her work is “open for interpretation art.” Listen below.